We have a strong track record in the thermal sciences, for applications ranging from the thermal management of electronics systems, through building energy management, to large-scale energy generation and storage.

We have deep experience in a comprehensive range of topics in electronics cooling, from device- and component-level, to module- and system-level, encompassing thermal interface materials, fan and heat sink optimisation, and high-end liquid cooling technologies. We currently have specific focus on microfluidic-based thermal control techniques for photonics devices, and we are also working on efficiency enhancements for large-scale facilities such as data centres.

Our work on building energy management addresses the topics of reduced order modelling to support sensor-based control methods for commercial and industrial facilities. A feature of this strand has been the development and characterisation of phase change materials for thermal energy storage within the fabric of buildings.

In large-scale energy generation, our current focus is on the optimisation of modular air-cooled condensers for concentrated solar power plants.

Stokes Laboratories
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University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland

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