20th February 2018   Stokes Power for Energy Harvesting

Researchers at the Stokes Research Laboratory at the University of Limerick have developed and patented a novel technology for harvesting vibrational energy for low  power industrial applications. Stokes Laboratories, is launching a spin-out vibrational energy harvesting company, Stokes Power, to commercialize this innovative technology and to exploit the full market potential.

The VEH-1 harvester, a multimodal nonlinear oscillator, consists of a multi-mass combination which exploits a novel velocity amplification principle to enhance the performance of a mechanical-to-electrical transducer. The harvester can be used to indefinitely provide power to self-contained sensor devices for a range of purposes related to the Internet of Things (IoT) – for example, energy management in buildings, process monitoring, security, and medical devices – and, as such, it has potentially significant commercial value for a range of application areas.

This work is funded by Enterprise Ireland’s commercialization fund. For further information see here.

Contact: Dr Valeria Nico

Stokes Laboratories
Engineering Research Building
University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland

Phone: +353 61 202449
Email: stokesresearch@ul.ie