Our People

Dr Ronan Grimes - Lecturer
BEng, PhD

Research Interests

Two phase liquid vapour condensing flows
Heat exchanger performance enhancement
Fan aerodynamics
Power plant modelling
Condenser design

Dr Ronan Grimes has seventeen years’ experience of research in the fields of fluid mechanics and heat transfer in application areas including electronics thermal management, micro fluidics, fan aerodynamics, and energy management in systems ranging in sale from portable devices to power plants. He is the author of over eighty peer reviewed articles and five patent applications. He has had success in attracting funds from a range of national and international agencies, securing funding in excess of €6M. He has supervised five PhD students to completion and is currently supervising two PhD sutdents. He has collaborated with a host of industrial and academic partners including Nokia, Bell Labs, GE, Tyndall National Institute, Tufts University, and the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.


Recent publications

  1. O’Donovan A., Grimes, R., “A theoretical and experimental investigation into the thermodynamic performance of a 50 MW power plant with a novel modular air-cooled condenser” Applied Thermal Engineering 71 (2014) 119e129
  2. Moore, J., Grimes, R., O’Donovan, A., Walsh, E., “Modelling the thermodynamic performance of a Concentrated Solar Power plant with a novel modular air-cooled condenser”, Energy, Volume 69, 1 May 2014, Pages 378–391
  3. Butler, C., Grimes, R., “The effect of wind on the optimal design and performance of a modular air-cooled condenser for a concentrated solar power plant”, Energy, Volume 68, 15 April 2014, Pages 886-895.
  4. Stafford, J., Newport, D., and Grimes, R., “A Compact Modeling Approach to Enhance Collaborative Design of Thermal-Fluid Systems” ASME Journal of Electronic Packaging, vol. 136, no. 1.
  5. Walsh, E., Grimes, R., Walsh, P., and Stafford, J. 2013 “Finless Heat Sinks, High Performance and Low Cost for Low Profile Cooling Applications”, Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, Volume 5, Issue 3.
  6. Cleary, M., North, M.T., Van Lieshout, M., Brooks, D.A., Grimes, R., and Hodes, M., “Reduced Power Precision Temperature Control Using Variable Conductance Heat Pipes”, IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technologies, accepted for publication.
  7. Poullikkas, A., Grimes, R., Walsh, E., Hadjipaschalis, I., and Kourtis, G., 2013, “Optimal sizing of modular air cooled condensers for CSP plants”, Journal of Power Technologies, 93 (3) (2013) 178–184.
  8. Stafford, J., Grimes, R., Newport, D., 2012, “Development of Compact Thermal-Fluid Models at the Electronic Equipment Level” Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, Volume 4, Issue 3.
  9. Stafford, J., Walsh, E., Egan, V., Grimes, R., 2010 “Flat plate heat transfer with impinging axial fan flows” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer,Volume 53, Issues 25–26, pp. 5629–5638.
  10. Grimes, R., Walsh, E.J., & Walsh P.A. 2010, “Active Cooling of a Mobile Phone Handset”, Applied Thermal Engineering, vol. 30, no. 16, pp. 2363-2369.

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