Our People

Dr Eric Dalton - Senior Research Fellow
PhD, BSc

Research Interests :

– Physics
– Thermal Characterisation
– Electromigration
– Reliability
– Micro Fluidics
– Polymerise Chain Reaction

Dr. Dalton has worked in a wide range of scientific areas, from fundamental science in critical theory in condensed matter and cavitation in microfluidics to industrial interactions of material reliability and corrosion for telecommunications.

Dr. Daltons has worked on the production and characterisation of nanomaterials, including – ultra-long nanowire, atomic folding in structure of biomaterial and the production of thermoelectric nanowire for micro-cooling of laser platforms. He is also active in the area of electronic reliability, specifically; solder joint structure reliability for space applications and development of the new IPC creep corrosion standard.

Currently he is researching in the area of thermal management of electronics using advanced evaporation-based thermal management as well as advanced integrated material for addressable cooling of fibre optic lasers and the development of phase-changing thermal interface material for microelectronic cooling.

Dr. Dalton has worked with a larger number of international companies as a collaborator in programs such as Centres for Science, Engineering & Technology (CSETs), Industrial lead research programs (ILRP) and innovation partnerships, Furthermore Dr. Dalton has engaged a number companies in a consultancy capacity.


Recent publications

On-Off Intermittency and Criticality in Early Stage Electromigration, E Dalton, I Clancy, D Corcoran, A Arshak, G Gooberman, Physical review letters 104 (21), 214101

Silver nanowire array-polymer composite as thermal interface material, J Xu, A Munari, E Dalton, A Mathewson, KM Razeeb, Journal of Applied Physics 106, 124310

Crystal morphology of strained ultra high molecular weight polyethylenes, MN Collins, E Dalton, B Schaller, JJ Leahy, C Birkinshaw, Polymer Testing 31 (5), 629-637

Metal nanowire-polymer nanocomposite as thermal interface material, A Munari, J Xu, E Dalton, A Mathewson, KM Razeeb, Electronic Components and Technology Conference, 2009. ECTC 2009. 59th, 448-452

Piecewise analysis and modeling of circuit pack temperature cycling data, T Joyce, EJ Lisay, DE Dalton, JM Punch, MS Shellmer, SN Kher, S Goyal, Bell Labs Technical Journal 11 (3), 21-37

Effects of tensile strain on the nanostructure of irradiated and thermally stabilised ultra high molecular weight polyethylenes for orthopaedic devices, MN Collins, E Dalton, JJ Leahy, C Birkinshaw, RSC Advances 3 (6), 1995-2007

Corrosion of RoHS-Compliant Surface Finishes in Corrosive Mixed Flowing Gas Environments, K Hannigan, M Reid, MN Collins, E Dalton, C Xu, B Wright, K Demirkan, Journal of electronic materials 41 (3), 611-623

Lamella alignment ratio: a SAXS analysis technique for macromolecules, E Dalton, MN Collins, Journal of Applied Crystallography 47 (3), 847-851

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