Stokes Laboratories – a research organisation dedicated to education and innovation in fluid dynamics.

Our core sciences are related to all aspects of fluids – microfluidics, multiphase flows, heat & mass transport, phase change phenomena, aerodynamics, and biofluidics – and in associated materials topics, specifically fluid-surface interactions.

We focus on a range of application areas – biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and biopharma, manufacturing processes, aeronautics and aerospace, electronics / photonics packaging, and energy generation / storage.

Stokes has been in operation for over two decades, active in National and European Union research programmes, with an extensive portfolio of partners in industry and academia. It has deep foundations in scholarship and education, and a strong track record in the commercialisation of research through licensing of IP and through the creation of spin-out enterprises.


Mission & Vision

Stokes Laboratories will contribute to Ireland’s economic development through its activities in mechanical engineering science:

– graduate education
– research
– industrial engagement
– the creation of enterprise

We will:

– Educate and mentor skilled researchers to drive Irish enterprise;
– Enhance its research reputation in the areas of fluid mechanics and
- associated applications;
– Enable enterprise through the creation of spin-outs and support of industry.

Stokes Laboratories
Engineering Research Building
University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland

Phone: +353 61 202449